The most enjoyable blog I have written

Before I begin, I have to say writing this blog gave me so much enjoyment. The two short letters I’m about to share, highlight the amazing, caring, compassionate and skilled people working at CM Health, and these are just the people I know about. The below feedback was sent in from Sandy Neva who works in EC and the Mihaere family whose premature baby, Kaiden was admitted to Neonatal Care.

Both these stories are great examples of our values and strategy in action.

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Equity is about fairness – having the same opportunities to the best start in life

Today I’m joined by Mataroria Lyndon, an aspiring young Maaori doctor who is passionate about taking on the challenges of our health system, making it a better place for our tamariki and our most vulnerable populations. Mataroria shares some key insights into how we can narrow the health and poverty gap, and in doing so move a step closer in our quest for health equity.

Dr Lyndon
Dr Lyndon

Growing up, I wanted to make a difference for people living in South Auckland and Northland – my communities. I have seen Maaori and Pacific children suffering from heart failure, because of rheumatic fever. I have seen my elders pass away from chronic disease, well before their time. That’s why when I heard we had chosen ‘valuing everyone’ as an organisational value, I thought about valuing equity.

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Excellent is not resting on your laurels

Andrew Connolly
Andrew Connolly

CM Health launched its refreshed strategy and values this month, and over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing stories from staff who live these values (Kind, Valuing everyone, Together and Excellent) in their day to day jobs.

Today, I’m joined by our Head of General Surgery, Andrew Connolly, to talk about what ‘Excellent’ means to him and his team.

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Being kind ……. it’s as simple as a smile or a squeeze of a hand

Last week we launched our new strategy and values, and over the next few weeks I’ll be bringing you stories from everyday people, who live our values in their day-to-day jobs.

One such person is Anna Tilsley, who works as an Associate Charge Nurse in the Critical Care Complex. Anna embodies the value of being kind and has been doing some amazing work around end of life care. Anna shares her story.

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CM Health launches new values and strategic plan

Our new values
Our new values

Yesterday (10 September) CM Health launched its refreshed values and strategic plan, signaling a new and exciting era for our organisation. This work has been months in the planning with over 2000 people sharing their ideas as to how we can consistently be at our best for our patients, whaanau and families, and each other, and the choices we need to make to progress our goal to work together to achieve health equity.

While the conversations around our ‘Healthy Together’ strategy will continue (click here for our strategic plan), our new values: Kind, Valuing everyone, Together and Excellent, tell a story of how we can provide great care and a great experience at work.

So where does our story begin?

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Being at our best for our people, whaanau, families and each other

Dr Lee Mathias
Dr Lee Mathias, Chair CM Health

Our board chair, Dr Lee Mathias, joins me today to say a few words on behalf of the board, and to thank you, our staff, for the valuable contributions that you make.

I have been Chair of CM Health for almost two years and have witnessed, along with my fellow board members an ongoing transformation of our organisation – not just around the way we work, and the care we provide, but how we have grown as a health system. With a skilled, motivated and passionate workforce, ready and able to tackle the health challenges of the people living in Counties Manukau, it’s not surprising we have seen some truly innovative and game-changing initiatives.

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Kindness is a clinical intervention

Tim Keogh at Ko Awatea
Tim Keogh at Ko Awatea, CM Health

Values Week is underway and it’s been wonderful to see large numbers of staff, patients and whaanau take time out from busy jobs and lives to share what makes a good or bad day at work or a good or bad experience of care.

Today I’m joined by Tim Keogh, from April Strategy, who is facilitating our value workshops and sessions. Tim has a long history of helping organisations around the world reshape their values and has a passion for helping people to build positivity, skills and resilience to be the best they can be.

Tim talks to us about how the values sessions are going.

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