Kindness is a clinical intervention

Tim Keogh at Ko Awatea
Tim Keogh at Ko Awatea, CM Health

Values Week is underway and it’s been wonderful to see large numbers of staff, patients and whaanau take time out from busy jobs and lives to share what makes a good or bad day at work or a good or bad experience of care.

Today I’m joined by Tim Keogh, from April Strategy, who is facilitating our value workshops and sessions. Tim has a long history of helping organisations around the world reshape their values and has a passion for helping people to build positivity, skills and resilience to be the best they can be.

Tim talks to us about how the values sessions are going.

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Walking in a patient’s shoes

For anyone who has been on the receiving end of hospital care, it can be a very uncertain and vulnerable time.  I’ve been a patient a couple of times in my life, and although my experiences have been largely positive, there is much to learn from being on the other side of care.

For example, I have experienced what it feels like to be in pain, to be nil per mouth and waiting for surgery and to rely on staff to help with basic activities of daily living, such as dressing, getting out of bed and showering.   While I don’t suggest you go through what I did, to understand what our patients are feeling, the experience has given me a taste of what it’s like to walk in a patient’s shoes, even for a short period.

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