Community Central

I have regularly talked about the need to better integrate health services in our community and while we have a good sense of what is happening across the Hospital, thanks to Middlemore Central, we need a similar system in our community so we have an overview of where our patients are and the care they require. This is what Community Central aims to do. To tell us more I’m joined by Penny Magud, General Manager Eastern Locality and Pam Hill, Service Development Manager Community Central.

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We are the village that raises our children

Most of us, when we look back on our lives, could probably reflect on some critical moments, events or people who had a significant impact for better or worse. There will be many that we take for granted – the warm house that our parents/guardians provided, a safe environment where family and friends affirmed and encouraged us as we grew up giving us self-confidence to ‘give it a go’.

Professor Peter Gluckman, the Government’s Chief Science Officer reminds us that the science of human development is complex. In the 2011 report ‘Improving the Transition – Reducing Social and Psychological Morbidity During Adolescence’ his Taskforce of experts had to consider the “biological, cultural, social and behavioural domains” to present their best assessment of what works and doesn’t work. Even then, a comprehensive assessment of what puts a child or young person at risk is not possible – but the evidence is convincing that we could do a lot better.

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