Building strong foundations – improving early childhood outcomes

“Education is the most powerful weapon, which you can use to change the world” Nelson Mandela

_adult and child reading 2We all know that if we want to build strong foundations for our children’s ongoing education, learning and development we have to do two things. We need to have whaanau, families and caregivers on board and engaged and we need to join forces with external agencies and organisations, working together, to encourage and motivate children to be successful learners.

That’s why for the past 18 months Ko Awatea, with the support of the Ministry of Education’s Early Learning Taskforce has been working with seven privately owned South Auckland Early Childhood Education (ECE) centres. The aim is to increase enrolments, participation and quality of teaching for children aged 3 to 4 years.

The results have been remarkable, and I’m joined by Monique Davies, Ko Awatea Project Manager and Jilly Tyler Director of the Early Learning Taskforce to tell us more.

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Excellent is not resting on your laurels

Andrew Connolly

Andrew Connolly

CM Health launched its refreshed strategy and values this month, and over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing stories from staff who live these values (Kind, Valuing everyone, Together and Excellent) in their day to day jobs.

Today, I’m joined by our Head of General Surgery, Andrew Connolly, to talk about what ‘Excellent’ means to him and his team.

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Bright Spots; inspiring ideas, transforming lives.

Thanks to all of our presenters

Thanks to all of our ‘bright spots’

Last month I met some amazing people at the first TEDx Manukau. Hosted by Ko Awatea, 10 ‘Bright spots’ – everyday people, shared how they help people across South Auckland and beyond to live well – with dignity and meaning and to build a sense of community.

The idea behind this work is that if people are living satisfying and fulfilling lives they will be less likely to require health care services and more capable of supporting others to live similarly satisfying and fulfilling lives; creating a virtuous cycle.

The event, which amazed, inspired and at times triggered tears from the audience lived up to its theme: Bright Spots; inspiring ideas, transforming lives. I’m joined by Alex Twigg, Ko Awatea Campaign Manager to tell us more. Continue reading

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Being kind ……. it’s as simple as a smile or a squeeze of a hand

Last week we launched our new strategy and values, and over the next few weeks I’ll be bringing you stories from everyday people, who live our values in their day-to-day jobs.

One such person is Anna Tilsley, who works as an Associate Charge Nurse in the Critical Care Complex. Anna embodies the value of being kind and has been doing some amazing work around end of life care. Anna shares her story.

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CM Health launches new values and strategic plan

Our new values

Our new values

Yesterday (10 September) CM Health launched its refreshed values and strategic plan, signaling a new and exciting era for our organisation. This work has been months in the planning with over 2000 people sharing their ideas as to how we can consistently be at our best for our patients, whaanau and families, and each other, and the choices we need to make to progress our goal to work together to achieve health equity.

While the conversations around our ‘Healthy Together’ strategy will continue (click here for our strategic plan), our new values: Kind, Valuing everyone, Together and Excellent, tell a story of how we can provide great care and a great experience at work.

So where does our story begin?

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Counties Manukau Health delivers top performance

Counties Manukau Health continues to deliver outstanding results to the South Auckland community. In the just-released National Health Targets, Counties Manukau Health ranks as the top-performer in consistently achieving some of the harder targets such as 95% of ED patients being treated within 6 hours and 95% of our babies being fully immunised at eight months of age. These results have been achieved during a difficult and very busy winter period.

“We are proud to be the only DHB that has hit all the National Health Targets so far for two years in a row and sustained outstanding performance in many individual targets,” says Dr Lee Mathias, Chair, Counties Manukau Health, (CM Health). “While we pride ourselves on performing well, we are more pleased about the impact this has on improving our community’s health – that’s what really motivates us.”

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A tough time of the year

There’s always that time of the year when things seem particularly tough. It’s usually in the winter months, when the hospital is busy, it’s cold and wet outside, and there is only one  public holiday to look forward to until Christmas. This time of year can be really hard and I’m incredibly humbled and blown away by how well team counties steps up to the mark, rain, hail and shine and gets the job done. In times of immense pressure, like the last few days, staff continue to provide excellent services to people, who come through our doors. I’d just like to say many thanks for the great job that you do.

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