Signing off

To all of you who may have read my blog over the past six years, thanks for being a part of CM Health’s journey.  It’s been a real privilege sharing my blog with you each week. While the CEO Blog will discontinue for now, please continue to support CM Health and the wonderful people who work there.

Cymerwch ofal (Take care in Welsh)


Be a #FluFighter this winter

Brace yourself folks – the flu season has arrived, which can bring the dreaded running nose, scratchy throat, cough, body aches, a high fever and thumping headache of the seasonal flu.  The good news is you can easily help protect yourself and your loved ones by getting the flu vaccine.

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Managing a busy hospital

No offense to Dot McKeen, but one thing I probably won’t miss when I leave CM Health is a ‘Dot Day,’ which for those of you who don’t know is an email that goes out from Dot, GM of Middlemore Central telling us the Hospital is full. Let’s face it no-one wants to get a Dot Day email, however, when it comes your way, it triggers a chain reaction activating people across the hospital and primary care into action.

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Secure Hub roll-out

We live in a digital world. From the moment we wake up we reach for our devices, whether that’s our iPhone, iPad or Computer. It’s built into our lives, to a point where we don’t even think about it. First thing in the morning I check the weather forecast, find out my schedule for the day, fire off a few emails and catch up on the latest news – all from my iPhone. Digital apps are also a fast growing industry with over 165,000 health apps to choose from. At the touch of a button people can manage their health and track their progress from the comfort of their home. As health professionals we need to be aware of the apps our patients are using and equip ourselves with our own tool box so we can provide the most up to date care.  By working in partnership with healthAlliance and the Northern Regional DHBs we now have an opportunity to truly revolutionise healthcare in meaningful new ways.

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Moving on

As most of you know I handed in my resignation this week, after working as CEO of CM Health for the past 11 years. Since that happened I’ve had several people ask why the jump from CM Health to Te Papa in Wellington?

The simple answer is that after 33 years of health I was ready to pursue my other passion, which is in the field of arts and history.

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Keeping it real by walking the wards

The other day I heard a story about a man who had come into Middlemore Hospital to have a procedure done. When asked by a senior staff member about his experience, the one thing that stood out above the rest, was the kind nurse who took the time to make him a cup of tea, and to his delight included a biscuit. For this gentleman this simple act of kindness made him feel taken care of and valued. I found his experience really grounding – and a reminder that the little things like a cup of tea can make a world of difference in our patient’s eyes.

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Giving back to the community

Meet Allan Edmondson, member of the Patient & Whaanau Centred Consumer Council and ‘unsung hero’.  At a time when Allan should be enjoying a well-earned retirement, he and other members of the Council freely give their time, energy and experience to ensure people in their communities have a voice when it comes to improving patient care and health outcomes. This is Allan’s story.

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